Katie Muhtaris

Currently teaching 5th grade, Katie Muhtaris has been a teacher in Chicago for the last six years.  Katie is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher and a graduate of the Masters in Teacher Leadership Program at Roosevelt University.  She has an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.  She has been extensively trained in balanced literacy instruction and comprehension strategy instruction through her work with Stephanie Harvey, Harvey Daniels, the Boundless Readers Foundation, the Chicago Foundation for Education, and the Literacy Institute at Burley.
Katie engages her students in active literacy and inquiry learning experiences that lead them beyond the walls of the classroom. Through collaborative learning she helps students to examine current social justice issues and fosters a culture that encourages them to become activists for change.  She supports students in discovering their personal passions through literature circles and a curriculum that inspires questioning and independent inquiry.  Katie utilizes a wide range of responsive teaching elements in her craft, combined with technology integration, art, music, and dance.
Katie currently works to mentor teachers in the application of technology as a teaching and learning tool in the classroom.  She has created and presented professional development on web literacy and how comprehension strategies translate to the internet medium.  She is the author of the blog, Inquiry Live in the Classroom, a resource for teachers on inquiry learning, strategy instruction, technology use, and effective classroom practices.