Comprehension X3 - Comprehension at the Core


 Check back for Summer 2024!  

K-12 Literacy with Steph Harvey, Debbie Miller, and Cris Tovani.

Denver, Colorado

Stephanie Harvey, Debbie Miller and Cris Tovani invite you to spend three days learning about comprehension theory and practice K-12. Each presenter will share her current thinking about literacy teaching and learning, and how to help students turn information into knowledge. In this era of rigorous standards, kids need to think more deeply than ever before. 

Workshop Features include:

  • Expanding comprehension across the curriculum
  • Creating and maintaining an active learning classroom
  • Differentiating with reader's and writer's workshop
  • Using learning targets to support student growth
  • Zeroing in on close reading and text complexity
  • Implementing small group inquiry circles across the curriculum
  • Monitoring progress through assessment and grading

Comprehension x3 Endorsement:

"[Comprehension x3] has really cemented what I have been trying to do here, cleared up confusions and motivated and inspired me into continuing the mission to get our teachers teaching comprehension through Readers Workshop."       - Literacy Advisor, Education Agency