Clients and Testimonials


From Administrators and Teachers:

"After working with Stephanie Harvey Consulting and incorporating their reading strategies, one of our classes has the highest scores they've ever received on the ELA Benchmark. Some of these students had never passed a Benchmark, TAKS or STAAR before. The students were running up to the assistant principal, former teachers and myself to tell us their good news. Success at last! Thank you, Stephanie, and thank you, SHC!"


Jill Arthur, Principal, Milam Elementary, Midland, TX

"It was an absolute pleasure having an SHC staff developer come to Kinkaid! She was extremely articulate in presenting her material, and her gentle manner in relating to people quickly wooed the Lower School group to hear the literacy information. I can't wait to have her join us again!"


Krista Babine, Lower School Principal, The Kinkaid School, Houston, TX

"Thank you so much for recommending your staff developers. We just loved their passion, clear delivery, practical suggestions, openness to our questions. They are clearly stellar educators and provided such fine modeling of teaching for my own faculty and the other teachers I invited whose schools are a part of the Schools-of-the-Future initiative in Hawaii. It was even more powerful for my teachers who've been very well-grounded in inquiry via your books, especially INQUIRY CIRCLES IN ACTION. They understood the possibilities of technology as 'transforming' teaching and learning much more clearly because of their close reading of your book."


Edna L. Hussey, Principal, Mid-Pacific Institute, Honolulu, HI

“Stephanie Harvey is at the top of my ‘most influential presenter’ list! She brings enthusiasm, practical ideas and most of all the momentum to doing this literacy piece right.”

James S., Elementary Teacher, Tacoma, WA

"We found that in classrooms where the teacher consistently worked on the comprehension strategies found in STRATEGIES THAT WORK, students scored remarkably better on standardized tests than in classrooms where comprehension was not explicitly taught.”

Ron T., Principal, Dublin, CA

"STRATEGIES THAT WORK changed my life. I have been teaching for twenty years and I have never read anything that had such an impact on my teaching. I feel 'brand new' again."

Holly A., 6th Grade Teacher, Richmondville, NY

"NONFICTION MATTERS is a GREAT book by Stephanie Harvey. She is a dynamic speaker, and I highly recommend seeing her if you have the opportunity.”

Martha F., Middle School Teacher, Lawrenceville, GA

"Passionate and practical, that's Stephanie Harvey."

Helen B., High School Teacher, Aurora, CO

"I am always looking for ways to motivate and engage my special education students. The active literacy strategies that Stephanie Harvey advocates provide a direct route to learner engagement and independence."

Kelly L., 8th Grade Special Ed Teacher, Ogden, UT

"Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis’s COMPREHENSION TOOLKIT has changed me as a teacher. Not only have I grown confident in my ability to personally use and teach each strategy but my students have a deeper understanding of reading strategies and how to apply them in a variety of texts. I have seen dramatic improvement in the quality of thinking, talking and writing about reading that occurs in my classroom. The articles and stories provided in the nonfiction source book are authentic and engaging and provide a genuine opportunity to drive my students to further inquiry about the world around them."

Katie M., 5th Grade Teacher, Chicago Public Schools

And from the Kids!

"There is a teacher named Stephanie Harvey. She came here to teach us and learn from us. She has a lot of questions. She reads to us with excitement and mystery. You don't want her to stop and you always wonder what is going to happen."

Nicole Y., 4th Grade, Snellville, GA

"It was a great afternoon the day Stephanie Harvey came to Franklin Room 10. She said kids were teachers. She talked about her inner voice. I have that voice in my head when I read nonfiction because it is so interesting. When I learn something new, my inner voice usually says, 'Holy Cow!'"

Claire M., 2nd Grade, Burlingame, CA