Catalog of Publications

Stephanie Harvey has created an extensive range of literacy publications and resources. Most of the
curriculum and resources stem from the three books that she has authored or co authored, Nonfiction
, Strategies That Work and Comprehension and Collaboration. The classroom-based DVDs were designed to meet specific educational needs. Some are intended for primary and intermediate teachers. Others feature middle and high school classrooms. Still others focus on the needs of English language learners. The following list more completely explains the content of each resource.

Title Medium Grade Level Publisher
Comprehension Going Forward Book K-12 Heinemann Publishing
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Read Comprehension Going Forward and RSVP to a get-together that no one who teaches reading will want to miss. Enter this powerful, lively conversation about how we can improve all readers’ comprehension today and join some of your favorite authors as they reach for a tomorrow where every child reads with deep understanding.

Ladders - Nonfiction Texts for Kids in Grades 3-5 with Teacher's Guides By Stephanie Harey Book 3-5 National Geographic School Publishing
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  • Laddered approach to leveled readers in order to differentiate for a shared experience
  • Compelling selections utilizing National Geographic visuals
  • 100% coverage of Common Core Standards for Literature, Informational Text Reading, and Informational Text Writing
Comprehension and Collaboration, Revised Edition: Inquiry Circles for Curiosity, Engagement, and Understanding Book K-12 Heinemann Publishing
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This book is a guide for K-12 teachers who want to realize the benefits of well-structured, engaging, cross curricular, inquiry projects. It includes the newest research on comprehension and collaboration, gives practical guidelines for forming inquiry circles and shares 27 lessons in comprehension, collaboration and inquiry that model the strategies students need to work and learn together. 376 pages, Revised 2015.

Inquiry Circles in Elementary Classrooms DVD K-5 Heinemann Publishing
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The elementary DVD companion to Comprehension and Collaboration shows the steps of the inquiry process and features small groups of first graders engaged in a curricular inquiry on African animals and a class of fourth graders working in Ancient Egypt inquiry circles. 75 minutes

Inquiry Circles in Middle and High School Classrooms DVD 6-12 Heinemann Publishing
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The secondary DVD companion to Comprehension and Collaboration features four classrooms, a 5th grade classroom engaged in inquiry circles that stem from literature circles, a 6th grade class studying aspects of civil rights in small inquiry groups, a 7th grade class engaged in turn-of-the-century inquiry circles and a tenth grade class that studies Shakespeare’s Othello through small group inquiry. 75 minutes

Nonfiction Matters: Reading Writing and Research in Grades 3-8 Book 3-8 Stenhouse Publishers
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The real world is rich, fascinating and compelling and nonfiction is the genre that best lets us explore that world. This book focuses on the instruction that helps kids read nonfiction text, engage in research and write authentic nonfiction that is captivating, visual and full of voice. 236 pages

Read, Write and Talk: A Practice to Enhance Comprehension DVD 2-8 Stenhouse Publishers
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In this lively one part DVD, Steph models the Read, Write and Talk process supporting fifth graders to interact with text by annotating it, talking about it and synthesizing the information. 30 minutes

Think Nonfiction: Modeling Reading and Research DVD K-5 Stenhouse Publishers
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Steph models a nonfiction reading and research strategy with second graders in this one part DVD. The focus is on interacting with and thinking about the text rather than merely recording the facts. 30 minutes

Strategies that Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement 2nd ed. Book K-8 Stenhouse Publishers
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The first edition, published in 2000, helped transform comprehension instruction across America. This second revised and expanded edition is about 40% new with twenty new comprehension lessons, more information on assessment and an entirely new section with four chapters on comprehension across the curriculum. 338 pages

Strategy Instruction in Action DVD K-6 Stenhouse Publishers
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Applying the principles from Strategies That Work, elementary teachers in this 4 part DVD model their thinking and give kids time to practice using the comprehension strategies that proficient readers use to make sense of text. 120 minutes

Strategic Thinking: Reading and Responding Grades 4-8 DVD 4-10 Stenhouse Publishers
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In this four part DVD, Steph, Anne and teacher Jessica Lawrence model explicit comprehension instruction with middle grade students showing them how to infer themes in fiction and how to determine important information in nonfiction. 120 minutes

Reading the World: Content Comprehension with Linguistically Diverse Learners DVD K-6 Stenhouse Publishers
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Comprehension strategies are not just for the literacy block. In this 4 part DVD, we watch first graders read, write and think in science and fifth graders read, write and think in social studies. 90 minutes

What Every Teacher Should Know About Reading Comprehension Instruction DVD K-12 Heinemann Publishing
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Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis give teachers, administrators, and literacy specialists the chance to listen in as they interview renowned reading researcher and comprehension theorist P. David Pearson to get the inside scoop on the research behind high-quality comprehension instruction.

Nonfiction Reading and Writing Workshops Book 2-6 National Geographic School Publishing
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A resource for elementary grades to foster strong nonfiction reading and writing skills, each Workshop book focuses on a specific reading comprehension strategy including making connections, asking questions, visualizing, inferring and synthesizing as well as on the writing process and characteristics of one nonfiction writing form in each book. The twenty workshops are organized into four levels Spring Board for Grades 2/3, Level A for Grades 3/4 Level B for Grades 4/5 and Level C for Grades 5/6