Stephanie Harvey


Stephanie Harvey is passionate about literacy. Whatever the size of the group, 500 teachers at a national conference, 50 administrators in a district workshop, or 25 students on the floor, Stephanie brings something special when she talks about literacy. Passion . Described by a colleague as “a gregarious, inquisitive, compassionate woman with boundless energy and a story for every occasion”, she is an author, educator and an enthusiastic advocate for kids and for those who teach them to read, write , question, think and understand. As Stephanie says, “Passion and wonder are contagious. No better way to fire up our kids than to share our own passion for and wonder about the world and all it has to offer.” She believes that schools need to be havens for thinking, incubators for deep thought and kindling for curiosity and inquiry.

Currently the president of Stephanie Harvey Consulting, Stephanie has spent the past thirty-eight years teaching and learning about reading and writing. After fifteen years of public school teaching, both in regular education and special education classrooms, Steph worked for twelve years as a staff developer for the Denver based Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC), a partnership of leaders from education and business, who support innovation in public schools. At the PEBC, Steph worked closely with some amazing educators including Anne Goudvis, Chryse Hutchins, Ellin Keene, Debbie Miller, Cris Tovani and Susan Zimmermann, renowned literacy leaders in their own right. The time they spent working and studying together ranks as one of the most powerful learning experiences of her lifetime.

Steph currently serves as a private literacy consultant to schools and school districts. In that role, she conducts keynote speeches, presentations, workshops, demonstration lessons, coaching sessions and ongoing consultation to teachers, reading specialists, literacy coaches, principals and district administrators. With a focus on K-12 literacy, her specialties include comprehension instruction, inquiry-based learning, content area reading and writing, nonfiction literacy, and the role of passion, wonder and engagement in teaching and learning. Steph has has written many articles, books and resources including Nonfiction Matters, Strategies That Work, The Comprehension Toolkit and Comprehension and Collaboration. She has been extremely fortunate to collaborate with two amazing educator/authors, Anne Goudvis and Smokey Daniels, on a number of her books and resources.  She continues to be a teacher first and foremost. Her insatiable curiosity about kids thinking leads her to work in schools on a regular basis and to spend as much time as possible in the company of children.