Chapter from Comprehension Going Forward

Our first post is my chapter in Comprehension Going Forward: Where We Are and What’s Next, an upcoming book to be published by Heinemann in February of 2011. Edited by Smokey Daniels, this book includes chapters from some of your favorite authors including Anne Goudvis, Ellin Keene, Marjorie Larner, Debbie Miller, Cris Tovani and more. It takes a look at the state of comprehension instruction today and offers a view of where it is headed in the future. Comprehension Going Forward concludes with a reflective, thoughtful and very compelling afterword by P. David Pearson. This chapter, Comprehension To What End?, discusses the rationale for teaching comprehension strategies and the need for our kids to think strategically, so they can acquire and actively use knowledge. I hope you enjoy this very first, pre-publication peek at Comprehension Going Forward!