Scaffolding the Comprehension Toolkit for Englilsh Language Learners

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 “We have created the lessons in these books to help teachers give their English language learners the conceptual background and English language structures they need to collaborate fully in each Toolkit lesson.”
            Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis, Brad Buhrow, and Anne Upczak-Garcia

The Comprehension Toolkit’s inclusive whole-group instruction sets a high comprehension bar for ALL students. Recognizing that English language learners think as deeply and meaningfully as native speakers, Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis, Brad Buhrow, and Anne Upczak-Garcia contend that rather than lowering the comprehension bar for ELLs, we should instead supply them with the language support they need to express their thoughts in an academic setting. Designed to help students unpack the vocabulary and language structures in every Toolkit lesson, the Scaffolding The Comprehension Toolkit for English Language Learners books meet just that need. In addition to helping your English language learners actively participate in Toolkit lessons and express what they fully comprehend, these lesson previews and extensions offer you a model for how to address ELL learning needs across the curriculum.

A consistent mix of minilessons and strategies support every Toolkit lesson:
• Preview the Toolkit Lesson builds background knowledge and introduces concepts, vocabulary, and language structures used in the Toolkit lesson.
• Teach the Toolkit Lesson integrates the preview activities into the Toolkit lessons and help you optimize Toolkit practices to support ELLs.
• Extend the Toolkit Lesson includes explicit practice with grammar, syntax and oracy, as well as content and comprehension extensions.

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