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Through The Comprehension Toolkit Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis offer an intensive course of study designed to help intermediate-grade students understand, respond to, and learn from nonfiction text.  With the teaching and learning focus on comprehension strategies, the Tookit provides a foundation for developing independent readers and learners across the curriculum and throughout the school year.

The Comprehension Toolkit includes

  • A Teacher’s Guide with Toolkit instructional philosophy and Toolkit implementation strategies
  • A DVD Rom with a slide show that shows the components of active literacy, a Power Point on Toolkit assessment strategies, interviews with experts in the fields of comprehension instruction, all of the magazine articles used in the Toolkit lessons, research articles that support Toolkit comprehension instruction and forms and graphic organizers for every day practice 
  • 6  Comprehension Strategy books  with a total of 26 informational text lessons which make up the bulk of the instructional content in the Toolkit
  • The Source Book of Short Text- which features the lesson texts as well as additional nonfiction articles at levels suitable for readers in grades 3-6
  • Extend and Investigate is a book that shows how we implement Toolkit instruction across the curriculum and throughout the year.  It includes strategies for science and social studies reading and research, text book reading, the genre of test reading, an extensive group of graphic organizers and a variety of bibliographies.


Additional components which go along with The Comprehension Toolkit at an additional cost include

  • The Toolkit Texts, two  volumes  of short, engaging nonfiction articles one volume at the 4th and 5th grade reading level and another at the 6th and 7th grade reading level to support kids to read more and get extra practice in nonfiction reading.  These both  include a CD rom with all of the articles translated into Spanish
  • The Toolkit Trade Pack holds a group of seven popular trade books that are used in connection with the Comprehension Toolkit lessons
  • Comprehension Intervention: Small Group Lessons for the Comprehension Toolkit is a compilation of additional comprehension lessons for kids who need more practice with Toolkit strategy instruction.  When teachers see that students need more support after participating in the Toolkit whole group lesson, they can form small groups of kids with like kind needs and instruct them in the additional sessions featured in the Comprehension Intervention: Small Group Lessons for the Comprehension Toolkit book.
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